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Background Investigators 
 in the DC/MD/VA area 

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James Investigative Services is a provider of investigation services to the Federal Government. We have highly trained and credentialed investigative professionals. We conduct hundreds of background investigations on an annual basis in the United States. Our investigators perform a variety of investigative activities for customers including the Department of Defense(DoD) , multiple agencies within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the intelligence community and civilian government agencies.






[ Employments ]


Background checks allow employers to verify the information presented in employee applications or in resumes. We interview past and current supervisors and coworkers. We review human resource records for any disciplinary actions.

[ Education]


Employers want skills and the job may require a certain level of education. We verify dates of attendance and degree types at education institutes. We can confirm that the candidate achieved the level of education that is on an application or resume.

[ Judgement & Liens ]


We use the best databases for bankruptcies and liens. We also perform credit checks.

[ Civil Dockets]


Civil searches are conducted at local county courts. This will help identify if the candidate is involved in a lawsuit.We will search public records to establish suitability for employment. 

[ Criminal Docket ]


Criminal background checks will search  national, federal and state criminal court databases to report information about a person's criminal history. Searches are based on where a person lived and worked.

[ Residence ]


We verify the addresses listed on a candidate's application. We talk to family members, references, landlords and current and past neighbors.

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